Officer Highlights 2019-20

Armando Montalvo

Assistant Director of PR, Assistant to Director of Communications

Major and Year: RTF, Junior

When did you join UFG? Sophomore year 1st semester  

Why did you decide to become an officer for UFG? The end of my sophomore year after experiencing fashion week!

What’s your favorite part about UFG? The community of creatives, the shared love of fashion, and the friendships it can make. 

Favorite Fashion Icon?  Victoria Beckham, Diane Keaton, Moria Rose

Are you going to NYFW? If so, what are you looking forward to? Yes! I’m looking forward to working some shows and exploring the city.

Hobbies outside of UFG? Writing, eating out, and going to SoulCycle.

Favorite Musician/Band? Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, Bad Bunny, and Future.

Career interest/goals? I want to write and star on Saturday Night Live.

Have you had any internships? Unique Jobs? If so, where? I worked retail one summer and will probably not go back into the workforce for a while after that.

What’s a fun fact about yourself? I auditioned and got a job as a cycling instructor but quit when they told me I had to teach 5am classes.

Most interesting fashion moment/memory? I got stopped constantly at ACL for what I was wearing. Another time I was eating dinner with a friend and this lady at another table approached me and said she would pay for my meal if I tell her what I use for my hair.  I don’t use any product, it’s all natural. I just blow dry it. I’m pretty sure she got kind of annoyed but she still paid for my meal.  

Ashley Taylor

Executive Assistant to the President

Major and Year: Economics and American Studies Major, 3rd Year

When did you join UFG?  Fall 2019

Why did you decide to become an officer for UFG? I wanted to expand my knowledge of fashion and to be around creative people. 

What’s your favorite part about UFG? How creative everyone is! Everyone has so many ideas and dresses so well.

Favorite Fashion Icon?  Honestly… Claire Underwood.

Hobbies outside of UFG? I like to do yoga, write poetry, write think pieces, and listen to music. 

Favorite Musician/Band? I have been listening to a lot of Alexandra Savior and Faye Webster lately, but my all time favorite musician is Amy Winehouse.

Career interest/goals?  I’ve considered everything under the sun. Right now, I think I just want to stay in corporate compliance, but honestly that could change tomorrow.

Have you had any internships? Unique Jobs? If so, where? I’m interning at Morgan Stanley this summer!

What’s a fun fact about yourself? I am obsessed with the enneagram and myers briggs personality tests (I am a 4w5 sp, INFP).

Most interesting fashion moment/memory? I don’t have a clear one that comes to mind, but I am constantly told I dress in business casual. I’ll take it as a compliment!

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